The heart of a MISSIONARY

tonight pastor Melanie is pastor Mcduffie’s co-host since he can’t make it in tonight. pastor Melanie talks about tonight There is a call on your life, a brief summary of the apostle Paul, and his conversion from a carnal mind to the mind of CHRIST. Also pastor Melanie also has a guest with her tonight. Her name is Minister Shernese Myers.IMG_20140308_193637

Pastor McDuffie January 25th Saturday Night Show

Pastor McDuffie 1/25/14 today the pastor talks about how to stop the next terrorist attack.

He is also working on a book. The name of the book is 177 LAWS of MIGHT. He tells us about the stop sign prayer. The stop sign prayer is for teens to pray at a stop sign in Paterson, NJ to pray before massive tragedy happens in the school system. He also talks how flight 1549 U.S airways took off and landed in the Hudson River happened on MLK birthday.